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Keisha McCarthy

About Keisha McCarthy

Keisha McCarthy grew up in an Air Force family living in various cities across the United States. Her family also spent a couple of years stationed abroad in Germany. Her family finally settled down in Sacramento, California where she attended college at California State University, Sacramento. Drawn by its diversity and rich culture, Mrs. McCarthy eventually migrated and settled down in San Francisco, California.

Currently, Mrs. McCarthy works in the San Francisco Unified School District as a school office manager and is a parent at TECA. Mrs. McCarthy has served two years on the TECA School Site Counsel (SSC). She spent much time collaborating with other parents to raise money for the TECA PTA, and she eventually served as fundraising co-chair. Ms. McCarthy believes that through her extensive experience as a SSC member, parent volunteer, and fundraiser, as well as her experience working with staff and children within the SFUSD, she can effectively serve the TECA community in order to lead our children to great success. 

“I joined the board because I believe our children deserve access to the best education and opportunities in life. I believe the best way to lead our children to success is by both engaging and supporting the entire community, including children, families, and staff. I am passionate about dedicating my time to ensure a positive and productive future for all of our children.”