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Dear Parents,

November is a good month for us to reflect. We have been very busy since school began August 18. As we reflect on our students’ progress we are asking that you do the same. What gains have your children made? What books have they read? What great thoughts and insights have they shared with you? What new learning have they experienced in Science? What are they saying to you about mathematics?

We are entering our gift giving season. This is a good time of year for you and your children to visit a bookstore together and buy books for themselves and other books as gifts for friends and family. As you visit the holiday sites in downtown San Francisco, engage in active conversation about what you see with your children. Read the postings and banners in stores and store windows together. Encourage your children to share their thinking. Listen to the vocabulary they use. Guide them into the use of even more sophisticated vocabulary.

When you are buying food for Thanksgiving, take your child along. Discuss with your child the menu. Ask for their input into selecting the food dishes and in decorating the home. Let them watch you cook as you measure out ingredients. If they can, have them help.

Share family stories with them. Listen as they retell the stories you shared. Take time to answer their questions. Enjoy this special season. We all have much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your wonderful children with us.

We Need Your Help:

  • Please return your INTENT TO RETURN form. We must have all of them back. Take a minute to complete the blue form and return it with your child. We need to present them to the San Francisco District and the state for accountability.
  • Please turn in your LUNCH FORM. The lunch forms are used to calculate how many students we have and their lunch status: free, reduced, or pay. Federal and state funding for TECA and all other schools are impacted by this information.



We have wonderful activities here at TECA during the month of November. They are outlined on this newsletter and on the calendar. We hope to see you at some of them. We really look forward to our Thanksgiving Luncheon, both to eat and share food with you and for the tasty food contribution you make (smile).

Dr. Olivia Lynch

Executive Director/Principal


Reminder: TECA will be closed on Monday November 10, 2014 in observance to Veteran’s Day.


TECA’s Thanksgiving Luncheon will be on November 19, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please join us for a peaceful luncheon with students, as they share why they are thankful. Please make sure your food donations do not contain nuts or any nut products, pork, or strawberries.

***Some of our students have dietary restrictions.



WHAT: American Indian Arts & Crafts, Powwow Dancers, and Drum and Dancing Contests

WHO: All TECA Families and Community

WHERE: TECA Courtyard

WHEN: Saturday, November 8th from 10am-7pm

WHY: Celebration of Native American Heritage Month


The following dates have been designated for School Tours:

October 9th and 28th

November 13th and 18th

December 2nd and 11th

January 8th and 13th

**We would like parents to meet in the gym at 8am and have the tours start at 8:30 a.m.

Enrollment Dates:

October 24th 12:30-2:30 p.m., Nov 12 2 – 4p.m., Dec 9 12:30-2:30p.m., Jan 14 2-4p.m.


TECA has scheduled quarterly Parent Community Meetings. The dates are as following:

October 28, 2014, December 16, 2014, February 17, 2015, and April 28, 2015.

**The summary of these meetings can be found on the TECA website.

ALERT – IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that a number of e-mail groups exist (yahoo groups, Google groups, pencil etc.) through which parents and others have been communicating. TECA welcomes and supports the TECA community being connected. Please know that for official information from TECA the following information channels are in use: the school website (, the auto dialer, letters by postal mail from the school on school letterhead, monthly newsletters, other flyers and hard copy communications from the school. TECA communications generally have the school letterhead, the school’s email address and/or the Executive Director as the origin of the communication. At times we post official TECA information on our Facebook page and ask groups such as the PTC google group to share our official communications with their group members. Please take note of all communications concerning TECA that you receive so that you may be cognizant of when the information is officially from the school.


November Calendar