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August 17, 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for a wonderful start to the school year.

All is going well in the classes.

Please communicate with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Some updates:

We now have a half-time Communications Coordinator. Mary Anne Juarez will start on August 22, 2016. Once Mary Anne is set up she will reach out to the TECA community.

A parent asked a question about Playworks at the August 11th parent meeting. Playworks was a program that was contracted before I began working at TECA. I discovered last year that their protocol is to work directly with a school for three years and last year was our third year. Last year Playworks had a very difficult time identifying and hiring coaches. We did not have a Playworks coach assigned to our school until the second quarter of the school year. That coach worked for two quarters but left Playworks. Playworks again tried to identify a coach but could not. We began to look for a Recreation Aide and hired a young man who was with us most of the last quarter of the school year. Playworks was kind enough to reimburse us for the time they were not able to provide a coach. The young man we hired last year moved on and we spent the summer vacation and up to now trying to find a replacement. We hope to find one soon.

Misty Sharp said to share with the community how much she enjoyed working at TECA. Misty was married in July and she and her husband decided that Houston would be a better city for them economically and have moved there. Mr. Tim Shea is the new music teacher. Please welcome him when you see him.

Ms. Curzi went home to Philadelphia for the summer. She let me know that her mother has to have two operations on her legs that would incapacitate her. Ms. Curzi decided to stay home and help her mother recover. She also sent a wonderful letter letting us and you know how much she enjoyed teaching your children. Ms. Enriquez is the new art teacher. Please welcome her when you see her.

Back to School Night is September 8, 2016. At that time you will be able to meet personally with all staff and hear from some of them. We will also have a bio of each staff member ready for you. In addition, you will be able to meet with yourn child’s teachers and learn about the curriculum for the year.

Picture Day is on August 29, and August 30, 2016. Please be sure your child is in Uniform for picture day.

Thanks for all,

Dr. Olivia Lynch

Executive Director/ Principal

Agosto 17, 2016

Estimados padres,

Gracias por un maravilloso inicio del año escolar.

Todo va bien en las clases.

Por favor comuniquese con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud.

Alguna informacion nueva: Ahora tenemos una Coordinadora de Comunicaciones de medio tiempo. Mary Anne Juarez empieza el 22 de Agosto de 2016.  Una vez que comienze Mary Anne ella se acercara a la comunidad de TECA.

Un padre hizo una pregunta sobre Playworks el 11 de Agosto en la reunión de padres. Playworks era un programa que fue contratado antes de que yo comenzara a trabajar en TECA. Descubrí el año pasado que su Protocolo es trabajar directamente con una escuela durante tres años y el año pasado fue nuestro tercer año. El año pasado Playworks tuvo un momento muy difícil identificando y contratando a entrenadores. No tuvimos un entrenador de Playworks asignado a nuestra escuela hasta el segundo trimestre del año escolar. Ese entrenador trabajó para dos cuartos pero dejó Playworks. Playworks otra vez intento identificar a un entrenador pero no pudo. Comenzó a buscar un asesor de recreación y contratamos a un joven que estubo con nosotros la mayor parte del último trimestre del año escolar. Playworks tuvo suficiente para reembolsarnos el tiempo que no fueron capaces de dar un entrenador. El joven contratado el año pasado se trasladó y pasamos las vacaciones de verano y hasta ahora tratando de encontrar un reemplazo. Esperamos encontrar uno pronto.

Misty Sharp queria compartir con la comunidad cuánto disfrutó trabajando en TECA. Misty se casó en julio y ella y su esposo decidieron que Houston sería una mejor ciudad para ellos económicamente y se han trasladado allí. El Sr. Tim Shea es el nuevo profesor de música. Por favor, dele la bienvenida cuando lo vea.

La Sra. Curzi fue a casa a Filadelfia para el verano. Ella me dejó saber que su madre tiene que tener dos operaciones en sus piernas que causara que se incapacite. La Sra. Curzi decidió quedarse en casa y ayudar a su madre a recuperarse. Ella también envió una carta maravillosa que nos permite saber cuánto disfrutabo enseñar a sus hijos. La Sra. Enriquez es la nueva profesora de arte. Por favor, dele la bienvenida cuando la vea.

Noche de Regreso a La Escuela es el 08 de Septiembre del 2016. En ese momento usted podrá reunirse personalmente con todo el personal y saber de alguno de ellos. También tenemos una biografía de cada miembro del personal listo para usted. Además, usted será capaz de conocer los maestros the sus hijos y conocer el plan de estudios para el año.

Los Dias de Foto son el 29 de Agosto y 30 de Agosto del 2016. Por favor, asegúrese de que su hijo este en uniforme para el día de su foto.

Gracias Por Todo,

Dr. Olivia Lynch

Directora Ejecutiva/Principal


TECA has scheduled a Parent Meeting on: Thursday August 11th. The meeting will take place in the Gym at 5:00p.m.


The PTC will be hosting a Coffee Social for all parents on Monday August 15, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. We look forward to seeing you there.


Our Students will be taking CELDT Tests from Monday, August 22nd to Friday, September 9th.



Please stop by and review your registration for the Extended Day if you have already applied as well as submit a new application if you have not on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday August 3rd, 4th, 5th and August 8th  – 12th  from 10:00 – 4:00 and August 15th  – 19th  from 10:00 to 6:00.



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 ALERT – IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that a number of e-mail groups exist (yahoo groups, Google groups, pencil etc.) through which parents and others have been communicating. TECA welcomes and supports the TECA community being connected. Please know that for official information from TECA the following information channels are in use: the school website (, the auto dialer, letters by postal mail from the school on school letterhead, monthly newsletters, other flyers and hard copy communications from the school. TECA communications generally have the school letterhead, the school’s email address and/or the Executive Director as the origin of the communication. At times we post official TECA information on our Facebook page and ask groups such as the PTC google group to share our official communications with their group members. Please take note of all communications concerning TECA that you receive so that you may be cognizant of when the information is officially from the school.