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May 29, 2015

Dear Parents,

Thank you for accompanying us on another wonderful year of learning, celebrations and adventures here at Thomas Edison Charter Academy. We can truly say that all our children have learned. All of our kindergarteners can read and all students across all grades have made amazing progress in reading!

This summer continue to support your child in reading. Attached is a Summer Reading List developed by the publisher Scholastic. You do not have to buy books you can get them at the library.

Reading to Children

ALL children can benefit from being read to. Any book lends itself to being a read aloud. Please read fairy tales and folk tales to your children whenever possible. They are a rich and beneficial part of our literary heritage, and enhance the cultural literacy of our children. Children love to hear adults read to them. It creates a special time between adult and child. Choose a book that is at least 2-3 grade levels above your child’s reading level. Children can listen to language at a higher level than they can read. The Summer Reading Lists here are suggestions – let your child’s interests and maturity guide you in selecting an appropriate book. It only takes 20 minutes a day!

The show 60 Minutes did a program about a student who received a perfect score on her SATs. They wanted to know how she accomplished that. The student and her mother both said that they read together every night – even through high school!! You can read to your children, they can read to you. They can read independently while you read independently. Give them the opportunity to talk with you about the books and materials they read.

The first day of school is August 17, 2015. School begins at 8:15 am.

We will send home a communication about your child’s new class and other matters in late July.

We have also included a supply list for 2015 – 16 in this communication to you.




ALERT – IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that a number of e-mail groups exist (yahoo groups, Google groups, pencil etc.) through which parents and others have been communicating. TECA welcomes and supports the TECA community being connected. Please know that for official information from TECA the following information channels are in use: the school website (, the auto dialer, letters by postal mail from the school on school letterhead, monthly newsletters, other flyers and hard copy communications from the school. TECA communications generally have the school letterhead, the school’s email address and/or the Executive Director as the origin of the communication. At times we post official TECA information on our Facebook page and ask groups such as the PTC google group to share our official communications with their group members. Please take note of all communications concerning TECA that you receive so that you may be cognizant of when the information is officially from the school.