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Community Session

We will have our first community session on Thursday, September 27, 2018, at 5:30 p.m. We will have representatives from Ford GoBike and from our SFUSD Sustainability Office to hear your thoughts and concerns regarding placement of a Ford GoBike station in the vicinity of 22nd and Dolores Street. Please see our latest superintendent's message for more information.

Superintendent's Message

We would like to remind you to check out our superintendent's monthly message. We will post our superintendent's message on this page each month. This message contains important information about what's going on at our school. 

Crosswalk Reminder

Parents and guardians, please remember to use the crosswalks when dropping off or picking up your child. We feel it is very unsafe for students to cross in the middle of the streets, especially on Dolores. We have crossing guards at the corners of Dolores and 22nd as well as at Chattanooga and 22nd. Thank you for modeling safe practices for all our students by crossing at the monitored corners.

Principal's Newsletter

Be sure to view the latest edition of our principal's newsletter. We will post our principal's newsletter on this page each month. This newsletter has everything you need to know about upcoming events, important announcements, and more!