TECA-SF Board of Education

The Thomas Edison Charter Academy Board of Education is composed of parents and community members who play a vital role in the governance of TECA. They ensure that the students in our school receive the best education possible. The board meets together regularly to make decisions regarding school policies, budget allocations, and educational goals.

Please Join Us

We generally hold our board meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Meetings are open to all TECA families and community members.

TECA’s collaborative policies, programs, and instructional framework have helped our community bring a vision of educational excellence to life. We are committed to including students, parents, teachers, and our community in our decision-making process.

Our Responsibilities

Under the requirements of the State Board of Education, the TECA board is responsible for ensuring that the school:

  • implements the provisions of its charter as approved;
  • obeys all requirements of federal, state, and local law that apply to the school;
  • operates prudently in all respects; and
  • provides a sound education for all of its students.

Meet the Board of Education


Ryan Hazelton

About Ryan Hazelton

Board member since: April 11, 2017
Term expires: April 30, 2020

Mr. Hazelton grew up in San Diego, arriving in San Francisco ten years ago in pursuit of a career in online advertising technologies. After a few years and having previously worked in a welfare-to-work office out of college, Mr. Hazelton decided to leave the tech sector and pivot to a career in nonprofit. A new passion for education and building healthy families arose from a position fundraising for a nonprofit preschool focused on providing low-income and homeless families with early childhood education and family support services in the Mission District. Mr. Hazelton currently works in fundraising as the major gifts and individual giving officer at Safe & Sound, a nonprofit organization working to end child abuse and strengthen families in San Francisco.

Mr. Hazelton holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of California, San Diego, and also sits on the board of directors at Tandem, Partners in Early Learning, to increase early literacy skills and family engagement programming in the Bay Area.

“Education is the great equalizer. I joined the board of directors at TECA because I believe all children deserve access to high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. When children are empowered with education and encouraged to be curious explorers of the world, the opportunities they have to better themselves and the community can be endless. And, when parents and caregivers can drop off their children in a safe and nurturing environment during the day, they can focus their attention on building and maintaining a healthy, stable home for the family to thrive. This is how we build a stronger and healthier community for us all.”


Joanna Powell
Vice President

About Joanna Powell

Board member since: September 20, 2017
Term expires: September 30, 2020

Joanna Powell grew up in Southern California, where she had the good fortune to attend rigorous elementary and secondary schools that prepared her for a lifetime of learning. She then moved to the east coast to attend Yale University and graduated cum laude with a B.A. in political science. After college, she became a second grade English as a second language teacher in the Bronx through Teach for America. 

Joanna left the classroom and enrolled at NYU for law school, where she focused on education law and policy. Following law school, she moved back to California, where she clerked for a federal judge and practiced education litigation at a big law firm. She now works as a school attorney at Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP, where she works on litigation, special education, and labor and employment issues. She also volunteers as a tutor with SMART.

“My time as a second-grade teacher in the Bronx instilled in me the belief that all children can learn, and I’ve dedicated my career to expanding their access to the educational opportunities that allow them to do so. I joined the TECA board because I live in the community and want to help ensure that the children in my community have excellent educational options. Thank you for welcoming me!”

MichaelDonofrio, J.D.

Michael Donofrio, J.D.

About Michael Donofrio, J.D.

Board member since: October 13, 2015
Term expires: October 31, 2018

Mr. Donofrio lives in the Mission District of San Francisco and works in philanthropy as a major gifts officer for San Francisco AIDS Foundation. He is a California native and resident of San Francisco since 2008. With a background in law, he worked in direct-client services for several legal nonprofits and in shaping public policy for state and local government. He began his tenure at San Francisco AIDS Foundation as a community organizer and has extensive experience in community building, working directly with and for marginalized populations, event planning and coordination, and fundraising. Mr. Donofrio received a juris doctor degree from the University of Miami and bachelor’s degrees in economics and literary journalism from University of California, Irvine. His first job was teaching gymnastics to kids ages five through 10 when he was in high school; he continued working with kids of all ages through college as a tumbling and acrobatics instructor and a math tutor. 

“I joined TECA’s board of directors because I believe that investing in education is a key ingredient in building a healthy and thriving community. I share with TECA a commitment to equity and cultural humility and have spent most of my career fighting for social justice.”


Karla Zambrano-Armijos
Interim Secretary

About Karla Zambrano-Armijos

Board member since: July 8, 2014
Term expires: July 31, 2020

Karla Zambrano-Armijos is currently a family support specialist in the Early Education Department of the San Francisco Unified School District. Originally from New Jersey, Ms. Zambrano-Armijos has been working with families with young children in various capacities since 2007. Ms. Zambrano-Armijos moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009 and has since worked in various early education schools focusing on primarily supporting children and their families that have experienced trauma, chronic violence, and homelessness. With bachelor’s degrees in psychology and philosophy from Boston University and a background in psychoanalysis from the New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, Ms. Zambrano-Armijos understands the importance of positive relationships and access to equitable education to the success of the families in our community.

“I joined the board because it would give me the opportunity to support the community I already work with in a larger capacity. Being able to ensure adequate education to all families is imperative to build on the families’ protective factors. It is only in this way that we, as a society, will succeed.”


Eric Hoepner

About Eric Hoepner

Board member since: April 11, 2017
Term expires: April 30, 2020

Mr. Hoepner brings almost 20 years of IT experience, specializing in project management, systems administration, and cost reductions. He is currently an IT procurement and budget specialist at Genomic Health. Originally from Orlando, Florida, Mr. Hoepner has fallen in love with San Francisco since arriving in 2012 and is an avid volunteer with several organizations, including AIDS/LifeCycle where he is a training ride leader and top fundraiser. Mr. Hoepner holds a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida.

“Life has been good to me. I am grateful for this and love to give back to the community every chance I can. I have joined TECA’s board to share my experience and make an even greater impact on my community.”


April McGill

About April McGill

Board member since: October 13, 2015
Term expires: October 31, 2018

Ms. McGill is a California native living in San Francisco’s Mission District with her 10-year-old son who is a student at TECA. She graduated from San Francisco State University in 2009 (with honors) with a B.A. in American Indian studies. Ms. McGill moved to the Northwest in 2010 to work as a research assistant at Portland State University Regional Research Institute on the System of Care “Nak-Nu-Wit Project” for native families receiving mental health services. While living in the Northwest, she attended Evergreen State College where she pursued her master’s degree in public administration, tribal governance in 2012. Ms. McGill is a researcher, writer, youth advocate, traditionalist, and most importantly, a mother. She has worked on issues around food sovereignty, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation (NAGPRA), substance abuse, and social justice. Ms. McGill is very active in the Native American community in the Bay Area and loves organizing powwows and cultural events and fighting for equality for the native and indigenous communities in San Francisco. Ms. McGill worked for The Cultural Conservancy in San Francisco as a special programs manager as part of The Canoe Planning Team, Learning Lodge, and garden project, working with community and youth outreach, fundraising, as well as the planning and facilitation of workshops. She was recently the project director for the Community Wellness Department at the Native American Health Center for the Urban Trails Behavioral Health Program, San Francisco. Ms. McGill was a keynote speaker at the National Indian Child Welfare Conference in 2015, speaking about trauma in urban Indian communities. She currently works as director of community programs for the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health, working on policy advocacy for health care reform and is also the program coordinator for the American Indian Cultural Center of San Francisco. 

Ms. McGill is passionate about all TECA families having an equal voice, especially those who are underserved and underrepresented. 

"Having the teachings of my Yuki grandmother has taught me to always have a giving heart but to stay strong in spirit. I try to do that as much as possible in the work that I do for the community. Giving back is what maintains those teachings and nurtures my spirit in my own wellness."

JuanCamilo Ruiz

Juan Camilo Ruiz

About Juan Camilo Ruiz

Board member since: October 8, 2013
Term expires: October 31, 2019

Mr. Ruiz is product manager in enterprise solutions at Moovweb, and he has been in the IT industry for several years. Mr. Ruiz was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and has been a San Francisco resident since September 2008. Mr. Ruiz has participated in local community efforts as a volunteer with La Cocina and is excited by the opportunity to be part of the TECA community. Mr. Ruiz graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

ThorBoucher, Ph.D.

Thor Boucher, Ph.D.
Member - Leave of Absence
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About Thor Boucher, Ph.D.

Board member since: October 8, 2013
Term expires: October 31, 2019

Dr. Boucher is an administrator in the Early Education Department of San Francisco Unified School District. With a background in education, Dr. Boucher has worked in various capacities supporting quality programming for vulnerable populations. These experiences have included program management work in the EduCare Center of Milwaukee, the Federal Office of Head Start in Washington, D.C., a consultant for the Los Angeles County Office of Education and program leadership in a non-profit in San Francisco prior to joining the school district. Holding a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in early childhood education from the University of Central Florida, a doctorate degree in K–12 educational leadership from Capella University, and as a parent of a child in TECA, Dr. Boucher has both a personal investment in TECA as well as the professional skill set to support high-quality programming for all students.

“I joined the board because education is the most powerful tool we can equip society with to make sustainable, progressive, and inclusive decisions. Historically, marginalized populations have not been invited to have a seat at the table. I joined TECA’s board because I believe this school will provide the students with the intellect and confidence to walk up to the table and ask, ‘Is this seat taken, because I want a space to speak from my own perspective.’ TECA adds a chair at the table so our students can be heard.”


Interested in Being on the Board?

If you are interested in being considered for membership on the TECA Board of Education, please email your résumé, cover letter, and questions to Thor Boucher.

We accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, but we generally hold elections on or around June 30.

Board Committees

It takes a village to keep it all running as it should at TECA. We thank our school and community family for supporting our efforts. Please consider the many ways you can help as you learn more about some of our committees.

Development & External Affairs Committee
Finance Committee
Compliance & Operations Committee
Technology Committee
School Performance & Student Achievement Committee
Program Planning & Parent Engagement
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